Jeffrey Barkstrom, L. Ac. is a licensed Acupuncturist in both New York and Pennsylvania. He practices Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition. His life work is helping people reach their maximum wellness and increasing the quality of life. In his spare time, he likes roaming the outdoors with his dog Charlie.






Una Barkstrom, CHT, Bsc is a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist.







Jennifer Overfield has completed her clinical training in Nutrition Response Testing & Designed Clinical Nutrition from Ulan Institute in Clearwater, Florida.  Originally a patient of the program since 2019, she says that after experiencing the improvements to her own health she was eager to obtain the education and experience to help others in the same way.  “I’m honored  and excited to help patients take control of their health, experience the relief and recovery that is possible and gain the quality of their lives back”.